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  1. Locally Owned & Operated
  2. One Quote Pricing - NO hidden Fees
  3. Licensed, Insured, Experienced, & Certified
  4. Professional Service, Truck Mounted State Of The Art Technology & Products
  5. We Save You An Average Of 27% Compared To The Leading Competitors In Central Ohio


We offer professional residential and commercial grade services for the following


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The More you buy, the more of a discount you can receive.


Always common sense pricing - If you have an area and a half, then you only are charged for an area and a half.


* Residential Carpet Cleaning


  • $25 per area (Up to 200 SF per area) $0.12 per SF
  • $2 per step
  • $5-15 per average hallway


* Commercial Carpet Cleaning


  •  $0.10 - $0.12 per square foot (Price depending upon quantity & condition of carpet)


* Rug Cleaning


  • Synthetics;
  • $25 - 10'x12'
  • $20 - 8'x10'
  • $15 - 5'x7'
  • (example, top side only, bottom side extra, add 30% for natural fibers)


* Upholstery & Leather Cleaning


  • $90 per 2 piece sectional
  • $50 per couch
  • $40 per love seat or large chair
  • $30 per chair
  • $5 - $7 per kitchen chair/bar stool
  • $3 - $5 per throw pillow
  • $50 per King size mattress (single sided)
  • $40 per Queen size mattress
  • $30 per Full size mattress
  • $20 per Twin size mattress
  • (prices are average starting) Reversible cushions, skirts, throw pillows increase price.


* Tile & Grout/Hard surface cleaning Cleaning

  • $0.25 - $0.35 per square foot (average of $0.30) Depending upon quantity, spacing/amount of grout, and condition
  • Grout sealer is 75% to the value of the cleaning


If dry rotary vacuuming is needed we charge an "average" of $3-$5 per area of carpet depending upon amount of debrise, so of course most people will have this done prior to our arrival.


* Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning - Prices vary, call for an estimate
* Deodorization & Fabric Protector - Prices are 50% to that of the value of the cleaning
* Emergency Water Extraction - Prices vary please call

* Structural Drying/Water Restoration - Call for a quote


Water Damage Columbus Ohio
When The Unexpected Happens -- Trust The Pros
Completely Clean specializes in water damage caused by the following:
-Pipe Breaks
-Sewage Back-Ups
-Sump Pump Failure
-Hot Water Tanks
-Structural Repair
-Toilet & Washer Overflows
-Ground Water Seepage/ Rainwater
-Basement flood or basement flooding
How much damage do you really have?



Completely Clean Water Damage Services will assess the water damage and take the appropriate steps to bring your home back to normal. Our trained technicians will educate you on the extent of the damage, what type of restoration response you should take and answer any questions you may have along the way. We categorize water damage into three categories: (including but not limited to)


Category 1- "A clean/clear water source" is one that does not pose substantial harm to humans. Examples of a clean water source may include: broken water supply lines, and tub or sink overflows with no contaminants. Water damage can be restored assuming that there is a quick response, a thorough extraction of the carpet is accomplished, padding is removed,  and adequate drying equipment is used.


Category 2- "Unsanitary or "gray water" contains some degree of contamination. Potentially, it could cause substantial discomfort or sickness if consumed by humans and it carries microorganisms or nutrients for microorganisms. Category 2 water damage may include discharge from dishwashers or washing machines, and overflows from toilet bowls or punctured water beds. Carpet in Category 2 water damage can be restored assuming that there is quick response, a thorough extraction of the carpet is accomplished, and adequate drying equipment is used. In this type of water damage situation, where the carpet is installed over hardwood flooring, it is recommended that the carpet be taken off-site for drying in order to facilitate drying of the hardwood flooring. In addition to Category 2 water damage, the carpet must be thoroughly cleaned and the cushion/padding must be removed.


Category 3- This type of water damage is often referred as "black water" -- "Black" water always contains pathogenic agents. "Black" water sources are those that arise from sewage or other contaminated water entering a structure. This category of water damage includes all forms of sea water, ground surface water, and rising water from rivers or streams. Carpets in Category 3 water damage must be removed.


Time is of the essence when it comes to these types of emergencies! (614) 209-7005

Live Representatives On Duty 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week
Call Completely Clean to see how we can make you water damage a thing of the past


* 15 GPD dehumidifier rental - $75 daily

* 30 GPD dehumidifier rental - $110 daily

* 3K CFM large air movers/fans rental - $20 daily

* Same Day Service Fee - $50 (subject to availability)

$ We accept cash, checks, credit & debit, and money orders $

Proper ID is required - additional 3% fee for cards in which they charge us

Electronic invoicing available for account set-ups

A minimal of $100 for a job to be accepted

Some jobs may incur a travel/gas fee varies, most don't

Limited to availability to area

Call for details


Note: Base prices are subject to change at any time and may vary with each individual circumstance. All sales are obligated by law to pay the state sales tax in your residing county. An area is considered 200 square feet or less of cleanable space. Vacuuming, special stain conditions, odor removal, furniture moving, and fabric protector are not included in the specials, and are subject to additional charges. Ask a representative when calling for additional detailed information.

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