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  1. Locally Owned & Operated
  2. One Quote Pricing - NO hidden Fees
  3. Licensed, Insured, Experienced, & Certified
  4. Professional Service, Truck Mounted State Of The Art Technology & Products
  5. We Save You An Average Of 27% Compared To The Leading Competitors In Central Ohio
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Our Cleaning Processes

Hot water extraction, better wise known as "steam cleaning" IS the BEST method available on the market!

Below is a list of the various steps we take, to ensure that you're Completely Clean. We really do "Clean Yours Like It's Ours"


Step 1; Pick up any debris and do a dry rotary vacuum as needed.


Step 2; Apply a non-toxic alkaline based pre-spray using an injection sprayer while allowing proper dwell time, that helps break up and loosen soil.


Step 3; Agitate the fibers (raking/brushing the carpet or upholstery)! This is a VERY important step in the cleaning & restoration process  that 90% of our competitors skip to save time and energy. Metaphorically, it's like when you wash your hands, one must lather before we rinse right?!

The 10% that actually rake, half of them try to nickel and dime people for a so called "high agitation cleaning", when it's just simply what they're supposed to be doing to begin with, PERIOD.


Step 4; Rinse and extract simultaneously. This is the most known step in the process, and that which most consumers are familiar with. This is when the carpet wand is used. It sucks the soil out, while rinsing to the appropriate PH levels so that there is not a soapy residue left behind. There is a lot more chemistry and science involved than one might think to get the job done right! In fact, we overpass with our wand. To make a long story short, we end up going over everything a minimal of two times, if not more as needed. Some people call this a so called "double clean". We call it cleaning the carpet right the first time..


Step 5; Dry extracting as needed. This decreases the dry times. We all know how important it is for it to dry quickly!


(Steps 6 & 7 are for any after products purchased such as deodorizer or protector. The deodorization process is a 3 part series process, that's included before, during, and after the cleaning process)


Step 6; Apply after product with an injection sprayer evenly onto fabric as needed.


Step 7; Rake the carpet once again, to ensure the products are agitated deeply and evenly into the fibers, so that they're as effective as possible.

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